Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Warehouse Sessions


Check..... Is this thing on?


Since we are getting closer to this summer's BIT shows we thought it would be good to fire up the 'ole blog again.

BIT members live all over the country so getting together to practice is not always easy. Its been basically a year and a half since any of us have played these songs so we have recently started trying to remember our parts and get ready for the shows. This first blog of 2011 is just a little peak inside the minds of BIT. Below is a recent email from Brando to the rest of the band. In 2008, right before our tour of Japan and Korea we rented a warehouse in Downtown Waterloo to practice, write, and get ready for the upcoming tour. This was probably BIT's most productive period. We could do a whole blog on the warehouse alone (it didn't have a working bathroom, or A/C, but it did have homeless people, frequent visits from the police, and a very close proximity to the river during the floods of 2008). The time we spent there was awesome and we all have very fond memories of it.

Here is the email:
KP, Garrett and I got together tonight for a little run through. Overall I think it went better than expected. Personally, I remembered all the old songs without any problem. From "5 Hits" forward it got a little more difficult but I think we figured out most of the parts. Afterwards I wondered if I had any old chord sheets laying around. Turns out I found a pad of paper from the Warehouse that was full of chords and stuff. From this pad of paper I found such classic hits as Warehouse Bacon, Warehouse Sickel, Warehouse Clone, Warehouse Cops, Down (Treading Water), Sublime, and Ecstasy.

Bacon turned into "Down"
Sickel turned into "March On" (this was also titled "The March" at one point")
Clone turned into ?????? (I wrote down "sounds similar to endless summer" so who knows)
Cops turned into "Drop Out"
Down (Treading Water) turned into a long lost BIT hit. (I remember the chorus going "down, down, down.....")
Sublime turned into "Jump and Shout"
and Ecstasy turned into "Ecstasy". (I didn't find it but I also remember calling this 5 Hits... because of the intro and thus the reason for the title of the album)

I scanned them all and have included them on this email. You might have to zoom in a little but I think they are pretty brilliant. I also wrote down "licorice & beer, titties & vag" on one of the pieces of paper for some reason. I don't remember why but I'm sure it was awesome. Oh, to be young and awesome again!


These pieces of paper are from when we were writing "5 Hits of Ecstasy" and hopefully it gives you a little picture of our minds and the writing process. These songs were in their early stages and we didn't have lyrics for them yet. We had to call them something so we ended up with the above titles. We called "Warehouse Bacon" that, because 1)we were in a warehouse and 2) we thought the song was "tasty"... like bacon. We called "Warehouse Cops" that, because the warehouse thing and we were writing this song and the cops came in. They were very nice, told us to turn down the noise, asked us to play a song so they could listen, and then left. We played them what turned into "Drop Out" and therefor called it "Warehouse Cops". Jump and Shout started out as "Sublime" because the intro to the song is very Sublime-ish. And on and on. Pictures are below...

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