Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 AFE Tour Blog Day 15: Kuwait – Camp Virginia

We got to sleep in again today before we were picked up at 1pm for a 1 and a half drive to Camp Virginia. These drives are still awesome. We aren’t quite as on “edge” as we were for the first few so now they are just fun.

We got to the venue at Camp Virginia around 3:30pm and did a quick sound check. Following that we met with the Commanders, took a nice tour of the base, ate with the Troops, and then hung out before the show.

One amazing thing about this trip is that we’ve been given little “mementos” at pretty much every place we’ve been to. We’re not talking about the plaques and coins but rather people’s personal property like boots, patches, shirts, etc…. but here we might have gotten the coolest gift any of us could have ever received on this tour; we were all given “Army Blouses”. They are super cool and we’ll get pictures of them up in the next blog.

The show went great. That has been kind of a theme for the whole tour; all of the shows have just been amazing. Each show gets more fun.

Little know fact: Kelly played basketball in College.

Commander Call. 

This is William our MWR/AFE Contact at Camp Virginia.

These are our two security guards, Dave and Brad... more about them soon.


Anonymous said...

Who said white men can't jump?

Anonymous said...

your trip just surprises me more and more each day

Vicky said...

What an awesome trip. Some of "us" sure wish we could have gone along. Glad you're home safe and sound with wonderful memories. Vicky

Virginia travel blog said...

What a great trip and thanks for sharing. All pictures looks really awesome.