Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gnar - New Video

Hey everyone, we'd like you to meet Chris Holz. Everyone, Chris...... Chris, Everyone.

Now that no one feels awkward, lets move on. Chris, or Gnar (pronounced nar) as we call him, has been a friend of the band's for a long time and before he moved to LA he could be seen at the band house or with a member of the band much of the time. We were fortunate enough to have him on tour all summer making sure everything went according to plan. He filled the role of sound man, lighting guy, photographer, videographer, babysitter, prankster, question asker, chef, badass, and many, many, more. He definitely worked harder than anyone this summer, so for that, we say THANK YOU!!!

He has also been hard at work since we returned home putting together the following video. Enjoy!

Click "Here" to watch the video. (make sure to watch it in High Quality)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Album


First, sorry for the lack of updates. We have been busy working on the record and getting everything in order to release it. Not the glamourous side of being in a band, but possibly the most important. I guess you could call this the calm before the storm. In the coming weeks and months you will be hearing much more from us for sure!

Second, We have the Master to the new album in our hands!!!! The cd has been recorded, mixed, mastered and will be released this fall. We've got to keep it all under wraps for now but keep checking back for a big announcement soon.

Sign up for our new mailing list on the side of our myspace page for the latest details. (if you were already on our list, please sign up again) We have completely revamped the list and lost some names/addresses in the process.

Until then.....

"Too rad to b-randon" Clark
Mike "i'll lead the way" Schminke
"Jameson Frizzlesticks" Frey
Kelly "The Haunch" Powers
"Johnny Python" Schminke
Garrett "Theilkepidia" Thielking