Monday, June 30, 2008

AFE Tour Blog Day 12: Camp Casey

Today the bus came at 3 pm. We arrived at Camp Casey around 4:30......loaded in, soundchecked, and headed to the PX. We bought more airborne, cough drops, vitamins, energy bars, etc..... they are definitely working. Everybody is feeling better but we are trying to take all the precautions we can.

We went back to the venue, played to another great crowd, hung out, signed some stuff, took pictures, and loaded out. We drove back to Seoul and CRASHED.

After 6 days and 6 shows in Korea we have all had a BLAST!!! The shows and days have all kind of run together but we're fine with that because they have all been amazing. Tomorrow is our first day off here and while our bodies probably need it, we are all going to miss playing a show. They have just been too much fun.

BIG blog tomorrow........lots of plans for our day off.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

AFE Tour Blog Day 11: Camp Red Cloud

Today we got up, ate lunch, and wandered around Seoul for a few hours before the bus picked us up at 3:30. The trip was pretty short and we arrived at Camp Red Cloud around 4:30. We quickly loaded in, soundchecked, and ate some dinner.

Show time was at 7 pm and at 6:55 we were the only people in the venue. People gradually started coming in and by about 7:30 we had a GREAT crowd. Seriously, this crowd was one of the funnest crowds we have ever played for. They were rowdy and ready to rock. We can't describe the feeling we get when an entire room of people sing acapella in unison, and do it well. This show was awesome!

After the show we hung out for an hour or so, met lots of great guys, took some pictures, and reluctlantly had to load out and head home.

Here is what happens when you send a sleep deprived band to a nightclub in Seoul.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

AFE Tour Blog Day 10: Camp Humphreys

The bus came and picked us up from the hotel around 10 am. Another 4 hours later we arrived at Camp Humphreys. The venue was a pretty large nightclub that was perfect for us. We loaded in, soundchecked, and then went to dinner. One thing is for sure about this trip.... the food has been amazing. We have been eating lots of great food and tonights meal was no exception. After dinner we all headed over to the PX (the base mall).

The bands receipt looked something like this:
knee brace
cough drops
energy bars
more airborne
more vitamins
vicks vaporrub
more airborne and
more vitamins.

Several members are slightly under the weather. No one is really sick...everyone is just on the verge and we are taking all the precautions we can.

The show went great!!! The crowd was LOUD!!! They were having an awesome time which helps us to have an awesome time too. Camp Humphreys knows how to get it done! We were impressed. After the show we hung out, signed some cds/pictures, and loaded out. Midway through our load-out we were approached about playing another show at the same place a few hours later for more troops. We were all for it and would have been more than happy to do it but after some confusion and analysis we realized it would not be possible. Camp Humphrey's we hope to see you again!

We headed back to Seoul where we checked back into our hotel from a few nights ago and met up with some friends. We also received the poster for our July 4th show in Okinawa today. We will be playing directly before Eve 6.

real mature guys......real mature.


We are still a little worried about mike!

g-money in flight school

Friday, June 27, 2008

AFE Tour Blog Day 9: Chinhae Navy Base

Today the bus came and picked us up at 9 am. We ate breakfast and messed around until we left for Chinhae Navy Base. We spent another 4 hours in a bus wasting time before we arrived. When we arrived, we immediately went in and checked out the venue. It was just like a live music club you would find in the states. We loaded in, soundchecked, and hung out with some troops that we are pretty sure were supposed to be doing something at that time. We had a blast and hoped we helped them get out of some work.

After soundcheck we went to the hotel. And Wow!!!! The hotel was amazing; flat screen tv's, oddly shaped beds, computers, mood lighting in the ceiling, 8 head showers that could also turn the shower into a steam room, blacklight lit hallways, and much more. It was a trip for sure.

When we finished playing with all the buttons and gadgets in the rooms we headed back to the base for dinner. We devoured mongolian bbq and decided to walk to the club in order to lose some of the 12 pounds we had just gained.

The show was lots of fun with a great crowd that knew how to have a good time for sure. We made lots of new friends, loaded out, and headed back to the hotel.

sometimes we worry about mike

Frey Being Frey

Thursday, June 26, 2008

AFE Tour Blog Day 8: Kunsan Air Base

Today we woke up and hopped on the bus around 10:30 am, spent 4 hours watching movies, reading, and sleeping before arriving at Kunsan Air Base around 3 p.m. We checked into our rooms, took showers, checked email, ate, walked around and then headed to the venue. The show was in a huge room with a big stage. We got everything loaded in and set up before meeting several people who were nice enough to show us around and tell us where everything was.

The show went very well. We have started throwing in several of the new songs regularly which is exciting for us. It is always interesting to get raw, real, reviews of the new songs and the ones so far have been received very, very, well.

After the show we headed over to the bowling alley and hung out until it closed at 11. Then we watched softball for a while where we met our first Iowa serviceman, Levi, from Algona came strolling along with a Hawkeyes shirt on. We stopped him, realized how small the world was, and then proceeded back to the rooms to call it a night.