Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Short skirts, schedule changes, new tunes, and a homeless band

Short Skirts are Awesome!!!
welcome to spring, how we missed thee.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances our summer trip overseas has been pushed back until June 17th. This has unfortunately caused us to cancel or reschedule many of the summer shows. PLEASE pay close attention to our schedule before heading out on a long trip or even driving across town. We promise to keep the schedule as up to date as we can.

The good news: Because of the schedule change we are going to be adding more shows in May and June in and around the midwest. We will also be working on new tunes and are trying to even get back into the studio later this summer.

The bad news: We need to find a place to practice! If anybody has or knows of a good place for us to practice during the week this summer, please send us a note.

Band seeks Practice Space
We are straight white males, ages 25-31, unbelievably funny, charismatic, good looking, and talented, with interests that range from singing and dancing to intellectual conversations next to the fireplace (lets try to keep these to a minimum though) . Sometimes we stay out too late, make too much noise, and/or break things but we always have a good time.

We are looking for a large or medium sized room/building/garage/etc... for us to practice in and make sweet sweet music. If you like loud music, funky smells, and bad jokes please contact us!