Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Hello all, welcome to the semi-official blog of the Blue Island Tribe. While I don't get paid to write this, I haven't gotten fired from writing it either. I feel that is some validation.

First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tib and I am the man behind the Blue Island Tribe. You probably haven't ever seen me or met me because I'm usually stuck in the van or the motel doing all the things the band doesn't want to do. I go on all the adventures, I hear all the stories, but I'm the only one who writes everything down for you, the reader, to enjoy.

As a completely neutral third party I have access to the band's inner circle but view it from the eye of a fan. I was there for the shows in "Smalltown", Iowa where the band played to 8 fat, angry old men and I was also there for the shows in sold out theatres where the band played to 2000 screaming fans. Through it all, I've written down what I saw and heard. All of these stories are true, and most of them actually happened.

Below is a brief synopsis of the band's history up to this point for you newbies to catch up.

The real story that is Blue Island Tribe!

We decided the world needed more fun.
We wrote some music.
We went on tour.
We played shitty gigs.
We went on tour more.
We recorded.
We played better gigs.
We toured all over the country.
We played with and met some cool people.
We played with and met some not-so cool people.
We wrote more music.
We recorded again this time with a bad ass producer.
We got sponsored by people.
We licensed a bunch of music to T.V. shows and surf videos.
We did showcases for important people.
We got promised a whole lot of things.
We got a whole lot of stories.
We wrote more music.
We recorded again with same bad ass producer.
We played more gigs.
We started getting played on the radio.
We sold a bunch of albums.

Please stay tuned to learn the rest of the story......

Your fearless tour guide,